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Perfect for horse training facilities with its medium to coarse size. It  provides stability, but also protection.  A blend of sand with a small amount of clay for better traction and stability.

Sport Arena Sand

  • Priced:  per 1 ton 
    Ton/Yard Conversion: 1.3 tons equals approx 1 cubic yard. 1 ton = .77 cubic yards. 
    Size:  Fine rounded sand particles with clay added.
    Use Cases

    • Pipe and conduit bedding
    • High PH inhibits weed growth
    • Horse Arenas
    • Baseball diamond
    • Paver Sand

    Consistency & Attributes:  Pinkish, with muted bright colors and packable consistency when dry.  Colorful and darker when wet.

    Coverage:    90 square feet per ton @ 2" depth

    Minimum Order: 1.4 tons minimum order.  For orders under 1.4 tons, please contact us for options.