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Our topsoil is meticulously screened to a 3/8 inch screen size, ensuring that you get only the highest quality product. We understand that your outdoor space is important to you, and that's why we take great care in selecting and processing our topsoil to ensure that it's free of weeds, and other debris. Perfect for gardens, plants, trees, and sod installations.

Premium Topsoil Screened 3/8” Certified and Tested Sandy Loam Top Soil (Bulk)

  • Priced:  per 1 ton
    Ton/Yard conversion: 1 cubic yard is 1.1 tons
    Size:  5/16″ screened
    Use Cases

    • Under sod
    • In gardens
    • Fill in low spots or holes

    Consistency & Attributes:   Natural color

    Coverage:    As needed

    • At 3" depth you will need .01 tons per 1 sq foot of area.  Take the total sq foot of your area x .01 to get the amount you need for 3" coverage. Or we can measure for you.

    Minimum Order: 18 Yard minimum order.