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Delivery costs are contingent on amount ordered and location of delivery. If we have not already provided you a delivery quote, we will contact you no later than the next business day after you submit your order to determine delivery costs and schedule your delivery. Delivery fee must be paid at the time of scheduling your delivery. You may contact us prior to ordering to obtain a delivery estimate.

If you need product on short notice, please call us for delivery availability before you submit your order. We will always try and do same or next business day deliveries when we have availability. Some products are made to order and may take longer to receive.

Delivery pricing is based on mileage to location by zip-code, and amount and type of product for dump bed size. Some deliveries to remote or difficult access locations or difficult to load or unload items may be priced by the hour. 

Deliveries may require minimum order requirements. You do not need to take all the material ordered if you are paying for the minimum amount but need less, as long as you let us know when we arrange the delivery. 

All deliveries are priced as curbside deliveries. If you are requesting delivery beyond the curb and onto your property, we do require the homeowner to be present and sign a damage waiver and additional charges may be incurred. Deliveries that cross your property line to an accessible driveway in front of the house may incur additional charges as well, due to extra time involved. This must be discussed ahead of time as our policy is that deliveries must be delivered curbside. We do not deliver anywhere on a property other than a paved driveway. Drivers have full discretion for any driveway deliveries and may not be comfortable dropping anywhere other than curbside.


Please ensure delivery area is ready prior to truck arrival and cars and other obstacles are moved. This may include neighbors vehicles if they are near the drop site and impeding safe maneuvering and dumping. Wait charges may be added for idle time if the truck and driver have to wait on site for longer than 10 minutes. These charges will typically run about $2.00 per minute for waiting.

Keep in mind that the material and the vehicles are of significant weight and have the ability to damage concrete, pavers, sprinkler lines, curbs and sidewalks as well as sod areas and StoneCover or subcontractors delivering material are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the property, public or personal property, neighbors property, etc. from having material delivered. You (the customer) are assuming those risks by having material delivered.

While we do give estimated times of deliveries, due to variables outside our control, we cannot be held to them being exact, please allow for a 2 hr window around the scheduled time. Occasionally the trucks get behind schedule and we do our best to notify customers of any significant delays or changes to the estimated time.

We do not guarantee that we will be able to always dump the material exactly where a customer requests, this can be due to vehicle sizes and capabilities as well as terrain variations and obstacles on the customers site. 

Once our truck is loaded you (the customer), are responsible for all trucking costs related to your order.


All sales of landscape materials are final once dropped at your location.

Call us if you need to change or cancel an order prior to delivery at 801-999-0842.


You may cancel your order for a full refund of product and delivery costs prior to our delivery truck being loaded with your order. A cancellation fee of $50 will be deducted from your refund if cancelled after your ordered is loaded as long as it has not left our yard. If you cancel after the truck has left the yard, but before it is dropped at your location, only the product cost will be refunded and you will still be responsible for full delivery fees.


While we may advise and make recommendations, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure you are selecting the right product in the right amount. If you purchase via the website sight unseen your product may not look exactly like pictures displayed on our website due to variations in shape, color and size of natural products. Therefore, it is recommended that you first see the products in person prior to purchasing if you are not familiar with them.

Made to order materials such as custom blends & stone cute to size are not eligible for refunds once your order is processed.


Discounted pricing available for registered landscapers and resellers. Please contact us for details. 

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