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Our Harmony boulders are light in color and work with any color pallet.


2 Ton minimum delivery on boulders.   Actual delivered weight may fluctuate +/- 30%.   May require additional charge at time of shipping based on actual weight once truck is loaded.


Must provide cushioned dump site on dirt or sand.  Will not dump on road or concrete.  Boulders may split, crack, break apart during the delivery process as they are dumped out of a truck and will hit each other and the ground which may cause breakage.  Boulders are random size, shape, and color and may not be hand selected.


Bulk discounts available.


Harmony Boulders (1ft to 3ft)

2000 Pounds
  • Priced:  per Ton
    Size:  1 ft to 3 ft Random
    Use Cases

    • Decorative
    • Retaining wall
    • Accent piece
    • Define spaces