Small FlagstoneChips 3/4" minus combined with Ranbow Canyon 3/8" Crushed Pea and Binder Fines.


Price does not include delivery.

RainbowChips Pathway

  • Priced:  Per ton
    Approximate weight per cubic yard: 2,800 lbs (1.4 tons)
    Size:   Crushed 3/8" minus

    Use Cases:

    • Pathways
    • Trails
    • Garden box surrounds
    • Golf cart paths

    Colors: Tan, plum, black, white, gray.

    Consistency & Attributes:  Compacts well but slightly looser than FlagstoneChips only.  More variety of colors than FlagstoneChips.

    Coverage:   1 ton covers 90 sq ft at 2 inch depth.

    Minimum Order: 1.4 tons minimum delivery order.  For orders under 1.4 ton, please contact us for options.