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You'll want to use this product everywhere! Come see why our Santa Fe decorative rock is one of the most popular styles for residential use in Utah!

Santa Fe 1.5" Crushed

1 Yard
  • Priced:  per 1 yard
    Ton/Yard Conversion: 1.3 tons equals approx 1 cubic yard. 
    Size:  1.5"
    Use Cases

    • Xeriscaping
    • Plant/tree surround
    • Water features
    • Dry river bed
    • Other low traffic
    • Decorative 
    • Vegetation control on gradual slopes

    Consistency & Attributes:  Colorful, plum, gray, tan, white

    Coverage:    3" minimum depth required for adequate coverage. Deeper coverage means better weed control.

    • 3” depth min. recommended. At 3" depth you will need 1 yard or 1.3 tons per 100 square feet
    • Minimum Order: 1 yard minimum order.  
    • Volume Pricing applies when ordering 16+ yards