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Rainbow Canyon Crushed 3/8".  Colorful pathway material.  Rock fractures in flat chips making for a walkable surface.  There are no binder fines in this pathway material so the material will not harden and bind together.  This is a highly aesthetic product but some reduced functionality as material will compact well, but not bind together like FlagstoneChips or RainbowChips pathway material.  If you want a more solid pathway consider one of those other options, however, if non binding pathway is what you want, this is a premium loose pathway material due to the flat nature of the fractured rock.





Rainbow Canyon Pathway

1 Yard
  • Priced:  Per yard
    Approximate weight per cubic yard: 2,600 lbs (1.3 tons)
    Size:   Crushed 3/8" minus

    Use Cases:

    • Pathways
    • Trails
    • Garden box surrounds
    • Golf cart paths

    Colors: Pink, black, white, grey, tan.

    Consistency & Attributes:  Compacts well.  Stays loose and doesnt bind together.  Good drainage.

    Coverage:   1 yard covers 100 sq ft at 2-3" inch depth.

    Minimum Order: 2 yard minimum delivery order.  For orders under 2 yards, please contact us for options.