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Don’t underestimate the beauty and functionality of pathways in your yard to connect your spaces.  StoneCover Quarries is Utahs leader in pathway material.  We introduced FlagstoneChips to the market almost 10 years ago and it quickly became the #1 choice of professionals and homeowners in the State of Utah.  We know pathways and we continue to research and innovate with new textures, colors and other options.  Our natural clay and limestone binder that makes FlagstoneChips so stable and exceptional can be mixed with other rock to create many new options.  We currently offer more than 10 product options for you to create the perfect pathway.  

Whether you need to create a pathway through your yard, surround your garden boxes, make a fire-pit or patio area, or add parking or useable area, let us help you.   We have long term experience and understanding of pathway products to help.  


Pathways, Driveways & Surrounds

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