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This product is a shredded fir, pine bark and whitewood all-natural mulch.  The beautiful chocolate brown color is a water soluble paint that is eco-friendly and people/pet friendly and will last for up to 12 months without fading.  The density allows the mulch to bond together and produce a steady and attractive ground cover. 


Chocolate/Brown Mulch

  • Priced:  per 1 Yard
    Size:  ½” – 3” mulch
    Use Cases

    • Control weeds
    • Enrich soil nutrients
    • Retain moisture
    • Insulate plants from freeze and heavy rains
    • Add visual appeal 
    • Plant/tree surround

    Consistency & Attributes:   Painted fibrous ground-up wood mulch consisting of fir, pine bark & white wood.

    Coverage:    About 3" deep for adequate coverage.  Best depth of mulch depends on the plant.

    • At 3" depth you will need .01 cubic yards per 1 sq foot of area.  Take the total sq foot of your area x .01 to get the amount you need for 3" coverage. Or we can measure for you.

    Minimum Order: 2 Yard minimum order.  For orders under 2 Yards, please contact us for options.