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This all-natural mulch product is great for adding some contrast to any plant bed, pathway, or surround.  Perfect for conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.The density allows the mulch to bond together and produce a steady and attractive ground cover.


Black Mulch

  • Priced:  per 1 Yard
    Size:  ½” – 3” mulch
    Use Cases

    • Control weeds
    • Enrich soil nutrients
    • Retain moisture
    • Insulate plants from freeze and heavy rains
    • Add visual appeal 
    • Plant/tree surround

    Consistency & Attributes:   Dark, fibrous ground-up wood mulch.

    Coverage:    About 3" deep for adequate coverage.  Best depth of mulch depends on the plant.

    • At 3" depth you will need .01 cubic yards per 1 sq foot of area.  Take the total sq foot of your area x .01 to get the amount you need for 3" coverage. Or we can measure for you.

    Minimum Order: 2 Yard minimum order.  For orders under 2 Yards, please contact us for options.