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Bright and Colorful crushed fines, screened from our crushed Rainbow Canyon gravel.  A perfect Paver Sand to complete any project. 


Pipe Bedding- Use this material to surround conduit or pipe in trenches for exceptional protection from ground movement.  


Vibrantly colored pathway- We add flagstone chips fines, whichs acts as a natural binder, to create a more compactable, solid, yet permeable surface. This provides a colorful pathway optino. Ask us for the right mix percentages to create the perfect blend.


Gravel binder - Top gravel driveways to allow for better compaction and binding.



Additive to stablize pathways, driveways.  Top existing gravel or mix the binder with your favorite 1/2" minus gravel to lock it in place when installed.  Fines contain natural binders that bind rock together.  4 parts 1/2" minus gravel to 1 part fines, add a little water, compact and allow it to set.  Your pathway or driveway will harden and provide exceptional stability and durability.

Paver Sand

  • Priced:  per 1 ton 
    Ton/Yard Conversion: 1.2 tons equals approx 1 cubic yard. 1 ton = .83 cubic yards. 
    Size:   Crushed pea gravel with fine Sand
    Use Cases

    • Natural binder additive for aggregate
    • Pipe and conduit bedding
    • High PH inhibits weed growth
    • Horse Arenas
    • Baseball diamond additive
    • Paver Sand additive

    Consistency & Attributes:  Pinkish, with muted bright colors and packable consistency when dry.  Colorful and darker when wet that can solidify after  allowing to dry.

    Coverage:    Top existing 1" minus loose gravel with 1/2" layer of fines and allow it to penetrate the spaces.  Water lightly, compact and allow the surface to dry to create a stable, more compactable and solid surface.  High PH also inhibits weed growth where applied..

    inimum Order: 1 ton minimum order.  For orders under 1 ton, please contact us for options.