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Our drystack comes in random shapes, sizes and colors from 6-12 in. x 12-15 in.

Dry stack can be used for small retaining walls and garden and pathway borders. It is so great for use in making a natural stone fire-pit.

This natural stone is extremely durable and will remain strong in any climate with little or no maintenance.


This is a beige or pale yellow hard sandstone that features random reddish swirls throughout the stone. The natural cleft faces also have additional colorful oxidation.

Dry Stack (Sunrise) 4 to 6"

  • Priced:  per 1 lb
    Size:  2 in. Flagstone 6-12 in. x 12-15 in
    Use Cases

    • Pathway
    • Patio
    • Garden Box Surround
    • Fire Pit Surround
    • Side Yard
    • Other high traffic areas

    Consistency & Attributes:  Dense, Durable, Natural Stone

    Minimum Delivery Order:  If not ordering in bulk, less than 1,000 lbs, the cost is $0.33 per lb. Less than a full pallet may incur a palletizing charge.