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Our flagstone dry stack come in random shapes, sizes and colors from 4-6 in high x 12-15 in length. They can be used for garden steppers, flagstone walkways, deck pavers, patio flagstone, dry stack retaining walls and wall cap. This natural stone is extremely durable and will remain strong in any climate with little or no maintenance.

Dry Stack (Cherokee)

  • Priced:  per 1 lb
    Size:  2 in. Flagstone 6-12 in. x 12-15 in
    Use Cases

    • Pathway
    • Patio
    • Garden Box Surround
    • Fire Pit Surround
    • Side Yard
    • Other high traffic areas

    Consistency & Attributes:  Dense, Durable, Natural Stone

    Minimum Delivery Order:  If not ordering in bulk, less than 1,000 lbs, the cost is $0.29 per lb. Less than a full pallet may incur a palletizing charge.