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Asphalt millings are recycled asphalt, milled, heated and reused in various residential  and commerical projects.  When spread and compacted it creates a relatively smooth surface. It more cost-effective than concrete or over pavement options and it's also more environmentally friendly since it prevents used asphalt from ending up in a landfill.

Recycled Asphalt (Rotomill)

  • Priced:  per 1 Ton (2,400 lbs per Ton)
    Ton/Yard Conversion: 1.2 tons equals approx 1 cubic yard. 1 cubic yard equals approx .83 tons. 
    Size:  3/4"
    Use Cases

    • Driveways
    • RV Pads
    • Extra parking
    • Pathways
    • Trails
    • Sport court
    • Patio

    Consistency & Attributes:  Reclaimed asphalt

    Coverage:    3" to 4" deep required for adequate coverage. 

    • A ton of asphalt millings typically covers about 80 square feet at 3 to 4 inches thick.

    Minimum Order: 1 ton minimum order.  For orders under 1 ton, please contact us for options.