Measuring your space, especially if it's not square, and calculating exactly how much product you need can be frustrating especially since each product has different coverage requirements. If the measurements aren't acurate you may end up with too little or too much product.


Let us measure your space for you as part of our design consultation and we will not only provide you with measurements that you can use even if you don't select our products, but we will also guarantee our measurements if you purchase our products.  That means if we measure your space and quote you too much or too little product, we make it right with no additional cost to you.

Project Measurement and Guaranteed Quoting

  • You will receive:

    • Measurement by one of our professionals who can get you an accurate quote of the product(s) of your choice no matter how large or complex your project is.
    • A layout of your space with measurements that you can use even if you don't order from us.
    • A guarantee on your order if you use our recommendation for quantity based on our measurements. You will receive the exact amount needed or we'll make it right.