We transport your product via a small mechanized loader and wheelbarrows from curbside to the location(s) of our choice.  If desired, we can also spread your products for you.  Our placement service is billed by the hour so you only pay for the amount of work you request.


There are some limitations on placement and spreading due to plants, obstructions, buildings, etc.   

Product Placement

  • Priced: per Hour
    Services available:

    A 2 man crew will: 

    • Transport your product to desired location (backyard, sideyard, front yard, driveway, etc) placed in small piles throughout the space with a mini loader.
    • Spread your product evenly.
    • Compact your product (if applicable).
    • Clean-up any stray product.

    1 hour of time is automatically added to the Product Placement service to accommodate crew travel time.  

    Minimum: 1 hour of travel time plus 1 hour of labor minimum. You may stop the crew at any time after 1 hour or use them as many hours as needed for any of the services listed above.